Rate limits: Premium v1.1

This page describes premium v1.1 rate limits.

We also have pages describing rate limits for standard v1.1, enterprise, and Twitter API v2



Every day many thousands of developers make requests to the Twitter API. To help manage the sheer volume of these requests, limits are placed on the number of requests that can be made. These limits help us provide the reliable and scalable API that our developer community relies on. 

The maximum number of requests that are allowed is based on a time interval, some specified period or window of time. The most common request limit interval is fifteen minutes. If an endpoint has a rate limit of 500 requests/15-minutes, then up to 500 requests over any 15-minute interval is allowed. 

Rate limits per window

Search API

Endpoint Paid subscription requests / minute Sandbox subscription requests / minute Both paid and Sandbox requests / second
Search Tweets: 30 day 60 30 10
Search Tweets: Full-archive 60 30 10

Account Activity API

Endpoint Requests / 15 minute
POST account_activity/all/:env_name/webhooks 15
GET account_activity/all/webhooks 15
PUT account_activity/all/:env_name/webhooks/:webhook_id 15
POST account_activity/all/:env_name/subscriptions 500
GET account_activity/all/subscriptions/count 15
GET account_activity/all/:env_name/subscriptions 500
GET account_activity/all/:env_name/subscriptions/list 50
DELETE account_activity/all/:env_name/webhooks/:webhook_id 15
DELETE /account_activity/all/:env_name/subscriptions/:user_id.json 500

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