Build for fun

Experiment, explore, create, and have fun.

Male musician working on both laptop and music keyboard

Explore new ways to build for fun

Make a bot

Build a bot to share useful information or make conversations more fun.

Create art

Share your creative energy with the world. Build interactive experiences that spark joy and provoke conversation.

Connect hardware or gadgets

A plant that Tweets when it needs water? A doorbell that sends you a DM instead of ringing? These are just some of the fun things that developers have built to connect Twitter to the internet of things.

Explore the API

Explore all of the corners of the global conversation to learn something new, get an idea, and broaden perspectives.

Manage or automate your Twitter account

Schedule Tweets, engage with your timeline, or make new connections with a few lines of code.

Keep Twitter weird

Be yourself, the more obscure the better. That’s Twitter.


Use the Standard product track

The default product track for most developers, including those getting started, building for fun, for a good cause, for consumers, or to teach and learn.

Take the next step

Apply for access to the Twitter API. Don’t know which product track to choose? We’ll help you decide which is best for you when you apply.