About the Twitter API

The Twitter API can be used to programmatically retrieve and analyze data, as well as engage with the conversation on Twitter.

This API provides access to a variety of different resources including the following:

  • Tweets
  • Users
  • Direct Messages
  • Lists
  • Trends
  • Media
  • Places

The Twitter API currently consists of two supported versions, as well as different access tiers. We have listed these below to help you better understand which version and tiers are available, but would recommend using the newest versions (Twitter API v2) where available. Learn more about our new versioning strategy.

Version / tier Description
Twitter API v2: Early Access

We are providing Early Access to our new v2 endpoints, which include the following:

Standard v1.1

The legacy standard endpoints provide access to the following resources with the standard v1.1 offerings.

  • Post and engage with Tweets
  • Retrieve timelines
  • Post and receive direct messages
  • Manage and pull public account information
  • Create and manage lists
  • Follow, search, and get users
  • Retrieve trends
Premium v1.1

Scaled access to Search Tweets and our Account Activity API, Including a free sandbox tier and multiple paid tiers.


Enterprise-level products that provide access to Twitter’s data, including Full Archive and 30 Day Search, PowerTrack, Historical PowerTrack, Decahose, Engagement API, and much more!


We will eventually release Twitter API v2 equivalents for most of the currently available endpoints. To learn more about Twitter API v2:  Early Access, visit one of the following resources:

Please stay informed to receive updates about our roadmap, and let us know what you'd like to see on our roadmap.

Next steps

Learn how to get access to the Twitter API so you can get started building.

Learn more about the different resources that we've built to help you get started.

Review our step-by-step tutorial on how to make your first request with recent search v2.