Twitter API v1.1

What's included in v1.1?

Twitter API v1.1 includes our legacy, public standard API that let you engage with the Twitter platform, our premium APIs that allow you to scale data access for searching historical Tweets and subscribing to account activity, and our enterprise-level API products that allow you to access Twitter data at scale. 

We recently released several replacement endpoints to Twitter API v2: Early access, which has functionality built for developers wanting to understand and analyze the Twitter conversation and other similar use cases. 

Standard APIs

Our free, standard APIs are great for getting started, testing an integration, validating a concept, or creating solutions that complement what you can create with premium and enterprise products. Examples include posting content to Twitter and retrieving similar data to what is on and the Twitter mobile app.

Tweets Post, retrieve, and engage with Tweets
Get Tweet timelines
Curate a collection of Tweets
Search Tweets: 7 day*
Filter realtime Tweets
Sample realtime Tweets
Users Manage account settings and profile
Mute, block, and report users
Follow, search, and get users
Create and manage lists
User profile images and banners
Direct Messages Sending and receiving events
Welcome Messages
Message attachments
Quick Replies
Typing indicator and read receipts
Conversation management
Custom profiles
Customer feedback cards
Media Upload media
Trends Get trends near a location
Get locations with trending topics
Geo Get information about a place
Get places near a location

* Similar functionality included in other tiers.


Premium APIs

Our premium APIs offer scalable access to Twitter data for those looking to grow, experiment, and innovate. The premium APIs give developers access to enterprise quality features such as improved search functionality and webhook based account activity quickly, to continue building and growing usage over time. Test in the free sandbox and then upgrade to month-to-month access.

Tweets Search Tweets: 30 day and Full archive*
Users Subscribe to account activity*

* Similar functionality included in other tiers.


Enterprise APIs

Our enterprise APIs offer the highest level of access and reliability to those who depend on Twitter data. Perfect as you scale beyond premium and need more reliable access, custom tailored packages, or longer-term contracts. Enterprise API access comes with dedicated account managers and personalized technical support.

Tweets 30-day Search API and Full-archive Search API*
PowerTrack API*
Decahose API*
Streaming Likes
Historical PowerTrack API
Compliance firehose
Users Account Activity API*
Metrics Engagement API

* Similar functionality included in other tiers.

Migrate to Twitter API v2

Interested in migrating your current integration to the new version of the Twitter API? Check out our migration hub for resources that will help you move to the Twitter API v2. You can also access migration guides for each endpoint listed in the new v2 endpoint sections.

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