Twitter API endpoint map

The following table maps the Twitter API v2 endpoints to the corresponding standard v1.1, premium v1.1, and enterprise endpoints. To learn more about each of these versions and tiers, please visit our about the Twitter API getting started guide.

You'll notice that we still have several items marked as [COMING SOON]. If you would like to learn more about those endpoints, you should visit our product roadmap.

If you notice anything within this table that is marked as [Replacement under consideration] or [No replacement planned], and you would like to see us release a v2 version of that endpoint, please let us know via our product feedback channel

  Standard v1.1 Premium v1.1 Enterprise Twitter API v2
Tweets GET statuses/show
GET statuses/lookup
    Tweets lookup
POST statuses/update
POST statuses/destroy/:id
    Manage Tweets
GET statuses/user_timeline
GET statuses/mentions_timeline
GET statuses/home_timeline
- User Tweet timeline
- User mention timeline
- Reverse chronological home timeline
GET search/tweets (7 days) Search API
- 30 day
- Full-archive
Search API
- 30 day
- Full-archive
Search Tweets
- Recent search
- 30 day [Replacement under consideration]
- Full-archive search
  Search API
- 30 day
- Full-archive
Search API
- 30 day
- Full-archive
Tweet counts
- Recent Tweet counts
- 30 day [Replacement under consideration]
- Full-archive Tweet counts
    Historical PowerTrack API [Replacement under consideration]
GET statuses/filter   PowerTrack API Filtered stream
- Connect to stream
- Add/delete rules
- Retrieve rules
GET statuses/sample (1%)   Decahose API
Firehose API
Volume stream
- 1% sampled stream
- 10% decahose stream [COMING SOON]
- 100% firehose stream [COMING SOON]
GET statuses/retweeters/:ids
GET statuses/retweets/:id
    Retweets lookup
      Quote Tweets lookup
POST statuses/retweet/:id
POST statuses/unretweet/:id
    Manage Retweets
- Retweet a Tweet
- Undo a Retweet
GET favorites/list     Likes lookup
- Tweets liked by a user
- Users who have liked a Tweet [NEW to v2]
POST favorites/create
POST favorites/destroy
    Manage Likes
- Like a Tweet
- Unlike a Tweet
      Hide replies [NEW to v2]
GET statuses/oembed     [Replacement under consideration]
GET statuses/retweets_of_me     [No replacement planned]
Users GET users/show
GET users/lookup
    Users lookup
GET users/search     [Replacement under consideration]
GET followers/ids
GET followers/list
GET friends/ids
GET friends/list
    Follows lookup
GET friendships/incoming
GET friendships/lookup
GET friendships/no_retweets/ids
GET friendships/outgoing
GET friendships/show
GET friendships/create
GET friendships/destroy
    Manage follows
- Follow a user
- Unfollow a user
POST friendships/update     [Replacement under consideration]
GET blocks/ids
GET blocks/list
    Blocks lookup
POST blocks/create
POST blocks/destroy
    Manage blocks
- Block a user
- Unblock a user
GET mutes/users/ids
GET mutes/users/list
    Mutes lookup
POST mutes/users/create
POST mutes/users/destroy
    Manage mutes
- Mute a user
- Unmute a user
GET account/settings
GET account/verify_credentials
GET users/profile_banner
POST account/settings
POST account/update_profile
POST account/update_profile_banner
POST account/remove_profile_banner
POST account/update_profile_image
    [Replacement under consideration]
GET saved_searches/show/:id
GET saved_searches/list
POST saved_searches/create
POST saved_searches/destroy/:id
    [No replacement planned]
POST users/report_spam     [No replacement planned]
  Account Activity API Account Activity API [Replacement under consideration]
Spaces       Spaces lookup [NEW to v2]
      Spaces search [NEW to v2]
      Spaces reminders lookup [COMING SOON]
[NEW to v2]
      Manage Spaces reminders [COMING SOON]
[NEW to v2]
      Ticketed user lookup
[NEW to v2]
      Tweets shared in a Space lookup [COMING SOON] [NEW to v2]
Direct messages       [COMING SOON]
Lists GET lists/show     Lists lookup
POST lists/create
POST lists/destroy
POST lists/update
    Manage Lists
GET lists/statuses     Lists Tweets lookup
GET lists/members
GET lists/memberships
POST lists/members/create
POST lists/members/destroy
    List members
GET lists/subscribers
GET lists/subscriptions
GET lists/lists
POST lists/subscribers/create
POST lists/subscribers/destroy
    Lists follows
GET lists/ownerships     Owned Lists lookup [COMING SOON]
      Pinned Lists [NEW to v2]
GET lists/members/show
GET lists/subscribers/show
    [No replacement planned]
POST lists/members/create_all
POST lists/members/destroy_all
    [No replacement planned]
Media       [COMING SOON]
Trends       [COMING SOON]
Geo       [COMING SOON]
Collections GET collections/entries
GET collections/list
GET collections/show
POST collections/create
POST collections/destroy
POST collections/entries/add
POST collections/entries/curate
POST collections/entries/move
POST collections/entries/remove
POST collections/update
    [No replacement planned]
Metrics     Engagement API
- /totals
- /28hr
- /historical
/totals - data is built into v2 responses
/28hr - [Replacement under consideration]
/historical - [Replacement under consideration]
Compliance       Batch compliance
[NEW to v2]
    Compliance firehose [Replacement under consideration]
Utilities     Usage API [Replacement under consideration]
GET application/rate_limit_status     [No replacement planned]
GET help/languages     [No replacement planned]
Authentication       [COMING SOON]