Twitter API

Programmatically analyze, learn from, and engage with the conversation on Twitter

The Twitter API provides the tools you need to contribute to, engage with, and analyze the conversation happening on Twitter.

Twitter API v2: Early Access

We’re building a new Twitter API with a modern and more sustainable foundation as well as an improved developer experience. Early Access is now available, which enable you to listen to, analyze, and control the conversation on Twitter. Additional endpoints, features, and access levels will be released soon!

Enterprise: Gnip 2.0

Our enterprise APIs offer the highest level of access and reliability to those who depend on Twitter data.

Premium v1.1

The premium v1.1 endpoints offer scalable access to Twitter data for those looking to grow, experiment, and innovate.

Standard v1.1

The standard v1.1 endpoints were launched in 2012 and enables you to post, interact, and retrieve data for resources such as Tweets, Users, Direct Messages, Lists, Trends, Media, and Places.

Explore the possibilities with our tutorials

Learn how to use different Twitter API endpoints for popular use cases.

Tools to get you started

Go from zero to "Hello World" with the help of these resources, tools, and libraries. 

Client libraries

Check out our curated selection of Twitter-built and community-supported client libraries.

v2 Postman collection

We have built out a Postman collection for our v2 endpoints to help you explore the API using their visual client!

Sample code

Looking for sample code, clients, and other example apps? Check out the @TwitterDev GitHub!

Need help?

Visit our support section, where you can find troubleshooting tips, contact details, live API status monitor, and other helpful information that can help you understand how to overcome any obstacle.

Help us build the next generation of the Twitter API: Give us your product feedback >

Help us build the next generation of the Twitter API:

Give us your product feedback >

Migrate to Twitter API v2

Interested in migrating your current integration to the new version of the Twitter API? Check out our migration hub for resources that will help you move to the Twitter API v2. You can also access migration guides for each endpoint listed in the new v2 endpoint sections.

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