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Enterprise support

Enterprise API products are used by managed Twitter partners.  Here we answer frequently asked questions about setup, technical functionality.


Frequently asked questions about setting up enterprise APIs

What are the enterprise APIs? 

Our enterprise APIs offer the highest level of access and reliability to those who depend on Twitter data. Perfect as you scale beyond premium and need more reliable access, custom tailored packages, or longer-term contracts. Enterprise API access comes with dedicated account managers and personalized technical support.  See the overview of the enterprise APIs.

How can I get access to the enterprise APIs?

To get in touch with our sales team, please apply for access here.

I am currently using enterprise APIs today, should I use Twitter API v2 at this time? 

Managed customers who know they need greater access than what’s available within the Elevated tier (up to 2M Tweets) can continue using enterprise APIs in the same way they do today. Once v2 products become available with the volume level and features they need, they can consider full migration at that time. Your account manager can help you with any specific adoption quesitons or planning.  Also consider joining the waitlist for further elevated access.

What’s new, valuable, and currently available with v2?

It's helpful to read through frequently asked questions about Twitter API v2.

What changes, if any, are currently planned for the v1.1 API and enterprise APIs? 

In the future, v1.1 and enterprise APIs may be deprecated/retired in favor of a v2 replacement. We will give ample notice for any planned deprecations of v1.1, premium, and enterprise APIs. For developers using enterprise APIs, our intent is to provide as long as possible to migrate before deprecation.  Our goal is to offer sufficient time for migration whenever possible. 

While our engineering teams will continue basic maintenance on v1.1 and enterprise APIs, all new functionality for Twitter’s APIs will be launched on the Twitter API v2. Ample advanced notice will be given in the event of any deprecations/retirements of v1.1, premium, and enterprise APIs.



Get support

Access to Twitter's enterprise API platform includes dedicated support.  See the table below for advice on who to contact for specific support topics.


Twitter Contact


Technical question on the API, a feature, or product

Bug reports

Twitter Contact

Technical support team


Report that the API is down or that there is an outage of some sort

Twitter Contact

  1. Check the API status page for up-to-date information
  2. For additional support, contact the technical support team


Question on your contract, pricing, upgrades, renewals, or general billing

Question regarding any changes on your approved use case(s), including new uses of data in demos, trials, or for new prospective public sector end users

Question about our policies after you have read the Twitter MLA, Developer Agreement and Policy, Restricted Uses of the Twitter APIs and Automation Rules

Twitter Contact

Account Manager


Policy-related issues (e.g. App suspension, report an API policy violation, etc.)

Twitter Contact

  1. Fill out this form (make sure to be logged in to the Twitter account that you are raising an issue for)
  2. Notify your Account Manager or technical support team



New API feature request

Twitter Contact

Account Manager, or the Twitter API feedback platform

If you have feature requests or feedback, please submit these through the Twitter Developer Platform Feedback Form

For Policy-related issues, such as App suspension, please contact Policy support.

For Twitter-related issues, such as login and account support, please use the Twitter Help Desk.