Make better investment decisions using Twitter data

Sentiment, volatility, and trading signals

Understand trends and events as they unfold.


SMA creates predictive signals from Twitter conversations of professional investors.

Content curation and event detection

Applying analytics to detect events likely to move financial markets.

Dataminr for Finance

Dataminr is a technology that creates real-time, actionable breaking news alerts from public social media activity.


Selerity provides A.I. powered content & data solutions for workflow automation.

Fundamental and consumer insights

Monitoring the social web to uncover deep insights within financial markets.


LikeFolio analyzes social data to help investors identify consumer trends.


Sentifi enables better investment decisions through crowdsourced intelligence

Our customers have told us that Twitter helps them uncover early trends, breaking news, and sentiment shifts, which may be indicative of changing market conditions.

Interested in Twitter data for finance?

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