Subscribe to account activity

Account Activity API


The Account Activity API provides you the ability to subscribe to realtime activities related to a user account via webhooks. This means that you can receive realtime Tweets, Direct Messages, and other account events from one or more of your owned or subscribed accounts through a single connection.

You will receive all related activities below for each user subscription on your webhook registration:

Activity types
  • Tweets
  • @mentions
  • Replies
  • Retweets
  • Quote Tweets
  • Retweets of Quoted Tweets
  • Likes
  • Subscription Revokes
  • Follows
  • Blocks
  • Mutes
  • Send Direct Messages
  • Receive Direct Messages
  • Typing indicators
  • Read receipts
  • Tweet deletes

Video Series

Check out our four-part video series on the Account Activity API to get up to speed!


Feature summary

Tier Pricing Number of unique subscriptions Number of webhooks Reliability and Activity Recovery
Premium Free (Sandbox) Up to 15 1 No retries
Premium Paid Up to 25, 50,100, 250 2 Retries
Enterprise Contact sales Up to 500+ 3+ Retries


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