Increasing Access

Depending on the method used to access ad accounts you may not need increased access to the Ads API. 

If you are using your (Limited) access token with account permissioning to access ad accounts you do not need to increase your token cap, and therefore not required to upgrade to Advanced access.

If you obtain an advertiser's (User) access token via 3-legged OAuth, please proceed in learning how you can increase your developer App’s token limit, and upgrade to Advanced Access.

Note: We do not increase the rate limits for any Ads API endpoint. View our best practices to learn how to stay within rate limits.

How to increase your Limited Access token limit

Initially you are granted “Limited” access to the Ads API with an initial limit of five Twitter users who can use your app. Once your integration is complete, you can increase your token limit to 15 by booking a meeting at to demo the integration for review.

A Twitter representative will evaluate the following:

  1. Overall intro to your company and business
  2. Selected user authentication method and flow
  3. Ad platform features and interface
  4. Usage of Ads API endpoints

Once the demo is complete, and no issues arise, the representative will increase your developer App OAuth token limit to 15.


How to upgrade to Advanced Access

Advanced access indicates your concept has been proven through live pilot campaigns. OAuth token limits are lifted on the developer App to allow your business to scale.

To upgrade to Advanced access, two customer testimonials showing how your platform delivers value with Twitter is required. A quote, person's name, company name, title, and email are to be provided. Once accepted and approved, you will be upgraded to Advanced access, granting your developer App an unlimited OAuth token limit.


Twitter Marketing Partners Program

Developers with Advanced Ads API access may be eligible for the Twitter Marketing Partners (TMP) program. Partners are carefully selected based on exceptional products, expert-level services, and proven success for Twitter advertisers. Ads API partners can earn the Twitter Marketing Partner certification by leading in revenue generation, product quality, and customer experience. Follow @OfficialPartner and visit for more information.