Twitter Ads API

Connect to the Twitter Ads platform

The Twitter Ads API connects developers to Twitter's advertising platform to build solutions to meet the needs of Twitter's advertisers around the world.

Campaign management

Programmatically create, schedule, and manage ad campaigns to engage people on Twitter.


Draft and publish Tweets, extend the functionality of Tweets with Cards and manage and upload images and videos.

Tailored audiences

Create and manage Tailored Audiences using Twitter, web or mobile data you provide.

Advertising analytics

Use async and synchronous API endpoints to retrieve granular insights of ad campaigns by a full range of metrics.

Tools to get you started

Go from zero to "Hello World" with the help of these resources, tools, and libraries.

Client libraries

Check out our curated selection of Twitter-built and community-supported client libraries.

Postman collection

We have built out a Postman collection for our v2 endpoints to help you explore the API using their visual client!

Command line tool

If you would rather work with our endpoints using a command line tool, twurl is built for you!

Need help?

Visit our support section, where you can find troubleshooting tips, contact details, live API status monitor, and other helpful information that can help you understand how to overcome any obstacle.

Help us build the next generation of the Twitter API: Give us your product feedback >

Help us build the next generation of the Twitter API:

Give us your product feedback >

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