Projects allow you to organize your work based on how you intend to use the Twitter API, so you can effectively manage your access to the API, and monitor your usage. Each Project contains an App, with which you can generate the credentials required to use the Twitter API. You’ll need to create a Project to use v2 endpoints. 

For example, you will have a Project called “Project1” containing an App. “Project1” is currently the default name; you can edit this to a more descriptive name later on.  You can create only one Project currently, with one App per Project. You can create a new App for your Project or connect a standalone App to a Project.

Accessing v2

In order to access the v2 endpoints, you will need to have a Project set up. Projects will allow you to access v2 endpoints, using the credentials from the App in your Project. Your Project and the associated App also offer you access to v1.1, Labs, and premium endpoints.

Configuring Projects

Creating a Project

To create a Project, click on “New Project” in your dashboard or the Projects & Apps page. You’ll only be able to see this option if you don’t already have a Project. You will be prompted to create a Project name, description, use case description, and asked to set up or connect an App.

Creating or Connecting an App for your Project

If your Project doesn’t yet have an App, you can click on the Project name in the dashboard to create a new App or select an existing App to connect your Project to. The App is where you can generate an API key and API secret key, as well as an access token and access token secret.

Editing a Project

To edit a Project, click on the name of your Project from the dashboard or Projects & Apps page. From there you will see the details of your Project and can select “edit” to make changes. 

Standalone Apps

Standalone Apps are Apps that exist outside of the Project structure. These Apps can connect to v1.1, Labs, or Premium endpoints but can’t connect to v2 endpoints.

If you previously created an app, they will be visible in the “Standalone Apps” section, under Projects & Apps. You can continue to have up to ten Apps in total, including the one connected to your Project. If you already have a Project with an associated App, you can create up to nine additional standalone Apps. 

If you’re part of a team account, you will see the Apps that you own under Standalone Apps. If a teammate owns an App that’s part of a Project, you will see the App name and owner’s info, but you cannot view or change it’s details, or access or regenerate its keys. You should contact the App owner to learn more about or make changes to that App. If you are the owner of an App in a Project, you can view and edit it as you can with any other App.

Limitations applied at the Project level

Tweet consumption caps apply at the project level across certain v2 endpoints: filtered stream and recent search. The Basic access level offers 500,000 Tweets per month across these endpoints. This cap is applied at the project-level. 

You can check your usage towards the monthly Tweet cap by viewing the main dashboard page. Under the name of your project, you'll see a status bar that will help illustrate your current month’s usage in relation to the Tweet cap. You will also see the number of Tweets you pulled this month, the percentage of Tweets used in relation to the cap, and the date your Tweet cap usage resets.

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