Beta Policy

An overview of Twitter’s Ads API beta policy.


We are constantly developing new products and features to better serve our advertisers’ needs. We often test these features in limited offerings (i.e., “betas,” “previews,” or the like) with trusted advertisers in advance of general availability. As advertisers begin to use our partners’ products to manage their campaigns on Twitter, we view the early enablement of our Ads API partners during betas as key to both advertiser and partner success. Therefore, it is increasingly important that we work with trusted partners to include relevant features as early as possible in coordinated Ads API beta releases.

This page is to share with you our expectations and policies around such Ads API betas.

Ultimately, our ability to provide you access to relevant API betas is predicated on trust.

When Twitter will provide API support for beta features

We will provide access to a Beta feature in the Ads API when all of the following conditions are met:

  • A partner’s product represents a great product and strategic fit for the API feature.
  • A partner has a the right advertiser clients for the feature.
  • A partner is in good standing.


Partners must follow these guidelines during betas:

  • Knowledge of an Ads API beta, including related documentation and communications, should be kept to a need to know basis. Only the product and engineering team working on the integrations should be exposed to the documentation in advance of general availability. You should not make the beta known to client-facing teams such as Sales and Marketing during the beta period.
  • Twitter will lead all communications with advertisers and agencies around product betas, including bringing awareness of your potential participation to shared clients.
  • Twitter will lead all launch communications and announcements. You must receive explicit permission from Twitter in writing before speaking with a client or publicly about a beta.
  • Twitter will notify you when you may launch support for the new feature in your product. Until that time, the feature should not be launched or shown to your clients or your internal sales and marketing teams.
  • When in doubt ask if a third party should be aware of a beta feature.
  • Never discuss or confirm speculation about a beta feature.
  • Results and performance data collected during a beta is not to be shared publicly.
  • Twitter may choose to make changes to or entirely sunset a beta product before general availability. To the best of our abilities, we will help you understand the certainty associated with a beta feature so that you can invest your resources accordingly.


All partner participation in an API beta is governed by the following policies:

  • All API betas are covered under the terms of our Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • For each beta, we may communicate additional policies or processes that you must follow.
  • In the event that a beta leak is traced back to your organization, we will no longer include your company in API betas going forward. Additionally, we will re-evaluate our overall relationship including your company’s continued access to our Ads API and your participation in other Ads API programs such as Certification.