Twitter Ads API

The Ads API program enables businesses to create and manage ad campaigns programmatically on Twitter. We are building an ecosystem of innovative and specialized ad tech partners to meet the needs of Twitter’s diverse marketers.


How does it work?

Ads API Process

Ads API Process

Three phases (Developer, Basic, Standard) structure the program while partners develop and pilot their solutions.


The Developer license provides companies access to all Ads API endpoints to develop their tool to completion. Developer-level partners are limited to five OAuth tokens. To graduate to Basic, the company needs to demo their integration via meeting at


Vetted Developer partners will graduate to the Basic phase where partners have to prove out their design’s concept in live pilot campaigns. The OAuth token limit is increased to 15 to allow more advertiser to onboard. Partners should privately onboard 5-10 advertisers. Open communication is critical - all account stakeholders (the advertiser, Twitter account teams, agency account managers) must be kept informed about the partner’s status in the API program and the progress of the pilot campaigns. Two testimonials are required from these pilots to graduate to Standard.


Once a partner graduates to Standard, OAuth token limits are lifted and the partner is able to scale their business. Standard partners can publicly advertise their full integration with Twitter Ads.


  • Documentation: The Ads API docs are updated with every change to the API and should be considered the developer’s primary resource.
  • Developer Community: Partners can engage directly with the Twitter partner engineering team through the Ads API developer forum. Search through forum posts to find developers helping each other troubleshoot API issues and monitor the forum for announcements from the Twitter team.
  • @AdsAPI: Partners can also follow @AdsAPI for live updates on API changes, service issues and enhancements to Twitter promoted products.

Twitter Official Partner Program

Standard Ads API partners are eligible for the Twitter Official Partner program. TOP partners are certified because of their exceptional products or expert-level services and proven success on Twitter. Ads API partners can earn the TOP #AdTech certification by leading the ecosystem in revenue generation, product quality, and customer experience. Follow @OfficialPartner for more information.