Rate Limiting

The Advertiser API is rate limited similarly to REST API v1.1, as documented here: REST API Rate Limiting in v1.1. Limits are generous for most endpoints and should not impede use cases. Unlike REST API v1.1, there is no programmatic index of the limits per endpoint. However, the limits will still be communicated in the HTTP response headers (x-rate-limit-limit, x-rate-limit-remaining and x-rate-limit-reset).

Some methods allow you to specify a comma-separated list of values, usually to retrieve multiple pieces of similar data. Such methods allow up to 50 criteria to be specified per request, unless noted otherwise.

Scopes of Rate Limiting

All rate limiting in the Advertiser API utilizes OAuth 1.0A and user-context. Each user token has its own distinct rate limits, even when accessing multiple advertiser accounts.

See the Analytics Rate Limiting Guide for more information about analytics endpoint rate limits.

Scopes for this doc

  • Category: all endpoints that fall into the given category are rate limited from a single allocated limit per window.
  • Endpoint: each endpoint has its own distinct allocated limit per window.

Rate Limits

Ads API Rate Limits

Endpoint Type Scope by Endpoint or Category Rate Limit per 1-minute window
Writes (POST, PUT, DELETE) Category 300
Audience Endpoint 800
Endpoint Type Scope by Endpoint or Category Rate Limit per 15-minute window
Analytics (synchronous) Category 250
Account Reads (GET endpoints with :account_id) Endpoint 2000
Targeting Criteria (besides below) Category 400
Targeting Criteria (tv_markets, tv_shows) Endpoint 2000
Audience Insights Category 400
Keyword Insights Category 500
Global Reads (GET endpoints without :account_id) Endpoint 5