Mobile App Promotion

Mobile App Promotion, or MAP, is a suite of products that enable advertisers to promote mobile apps via Twitter. These include app installs, conversions and re-engagement. The products outlined below are the building blocks for enabling MAP for your advertisers.


All Twitter-hosted cards return a card_uri. Use this when creating a Tweet that will be promoted in order to utilize one of these cards.

Image App Download Card

The Image App Download Card enables advertisers to promote their apps, driving clicks or installs. Images must be at least 800px wide and have an aspect ratio of either: 1.91:1 or 5:2.

The Ads API endpoints that support Image App Download Cards can be found on the Image App Download Cards endpoint reference page.

Large Image App Card

Large Image App Card

Video App Download Card

The endpoints that support the Video App Download Cards can be found on the Video App Download Cards endpoint reference page.


App Card Engagements

To help advertisers effectively optimize for app install or engagements, we have surfaced App Card Engagements via the Ads API. App Card Engagements include App Clicks, which are clicks on the card that lead the user directly to the App Store or Google Play, or open the promoted app. App Clicks consist of Install Attempts and Open Attempts that are broken out as separate metrics. This will enable optimization around Cost Per App Click, or CPAC. Card engagements for the app card consist of clicks driving install intent, including install button clicks and clicks on the image.

Metrics we have released that relate to MAP campaigns include:

  • mobile_conversion_installs - install conversion events
  • mobile_conversion_logins - login conversion events
  • mobile_conversion_re_engages - re-engagement conversion events
  • mobile_conversion_sign_ups - sign-up conversion events
  • mobile_conversion_purchases - purchase conversion events
  • promoted_tweet_app_install_attempts - tracks install attempts within the twitter app
  • promoted_tweet_app_open_attempts - tracks open attempts within the twitter app
  • promoted_tweet_search_card_engagements - includes card opens, app install attempts, card URL clicks, etc
  • promoted_tweet_timeline_card_engagements - includes card opens, app install attempts, card URL clicks, etc


We have partnered with the top mobile tracking companies in the ecosystem to help accurately measure Twitter performance. Details on those partners coming soon.


With Mobile app promotion, Twitter is introducing cost-per-app-click charging. If the Promoted Tweet uses an App Card, the bid will be interpreted as a bid for an app click - i.e. a click on the “Install” or “Open” button on the App Card. The advertiser will not be charged for other engagements (e.g. Retweets, Likes). All other Promoted Tweet campaigns (which don’t include App Cards) will continue to be charged on the usual cost-per-engagement charging model.


We’ve outlined our full suite of targeting, creative and measurement tools to enable Twitter advertisers to effectively promote their mobile apps. This should allow for all our partners to create app cards at scale, optimize effectively with real-time stats, and accurately measure performance for advertisers.