Chirp Developer Challenge App Inspiration

  By Francesca DeGiorgio, Developer Marketing Intern 03 August 2022

  By Francesca DeGiorgio

Developer Marketing Intern

 03 August 2022

*The entry period for the Chirp Developer Challenge is now closed.

The deadline to submit your app for the Chirp Developer Challenge is approaching! The challenge closes on August 19th, and we will be announcing the judges soon, but don’t worry! There is still time to either submit an existing app or create a new one using at least one Twitter API v2 endpoint. We want your help to improve the Twitter experience, inspire other developers, and––of course––win some awesome prizes such as promotion, cash, exclusive swag, and tickets to our Chirp Developer Conference.* If you’re not sure what to build, read on for some inspiration and a peek into what kind of apps we’re looking for. 

The Chirp Developer Challenge has three categories––Content Discovery, Conversation Safety, and Public Good. Below are some ideas for ways you can build within these categories.  

Content Discovery

Content Discovery apps help people on Twitter find what they’re looking for, like Lists, Spaces, Bookmarks, or Tweets. You can build apps that filter content based on a topic someone is interested in, for example, to help people on Twitter make the best of their experience on the platform. 

Here are some examples of content discovery apps you could create: 

  • A tool to search for Spaces from the browser, which can be helpful for users that primarily use Twitter on desktop, that can use the Spaces endpoint to create a leaderboard-type tool that shows the top creators

  • A Bookmark tool that can manage and organize Bookmarks

For this category, we’re looking for apps that use at least one of the following endpoints: Bookmarks, Search, Spaces, Manage Tweets, Lists, Timelines, and Filtered Stream.

Conversation Safety

Conversation Safety apps aim to make Twitter a safer, more comfortable place for everyone on the platform. While we already have some tools in place to keep people on Twitter safe, there is always more that can be done to help people control their experience on the platform. 

Here are some examples of other conversation safety tools you could create: 

  • A tool that allows people to see replies, likes, and Retweets from Super Followers before other followers.

  • A tool that allows people on Twitter to automatically mute keywords. Those who opt-in to the tool can contribute by flagging words or phrases which may be helpful to their community. Allow people to segment by language and geography for others to import the most relevant keywords for them. 

  • A tool that allows people to hide replies in bulk based on past interactions such as recent followers or accounts without mutual followers. 

For this category, we’re looking for apps that use at least one of the following endpoints: Search with Conversation ID, Timelines, Follows, Blocks, Mutes, Hide Replies, and Manage Tweets (Tweet reply settings).  

Public Good

The final category for the Chirp Developer Challenge is Public Good, a category that can cover all sorts of ways to protect people outside of the Twitter experience by tapping into world events and specific geographic areas. You can create tools to help people on Twitter impacted by an emergency in their area (a conflict, extreme weather event, a public safety threat, etc.). Here are some examples of these tools:

  • Help people self-identify their location and safety status

  • Help people locate the authorities or other official sources

  • Send out push notifications to devices in an affected area

  • Translate critical updates for non-English speakers based on in-app language settings

  • Timeline insertion or notification with live updates from local authorities

  • Timeline update if someone self-identifies as coming to Twitter due to an emergency situation 

The Public Good app can use any of the Twitter API v2 endpoints. 

Get started

These are just some of the ways you can build within the categories of the Chirp Developer Challenge, but the possibilities for using the Twitter API v2 to improve the Twitter experience are endless. If you’re still looking for more guidance, check out our list of resources or follow us @TwitterDev to learn about upcoming Spaces that you can tune into. If you’re interested in connecting with other developers to work together on an app or bounce ideas off one another, you can join one of our Build Day events. If you haven’t already, sign up for the Chirp Developer Challenge today, and #BuildWhatsNext for the Twitter platform. 

*NoPurchNec. Open to teams and individuals in permitted countries who are legal adults. Entry Period: June 21-August 19, 2022. Sponsor: Twitter, Inc. Admin: DevPost, Inc. Read full rules here.