Deeplinking to a Welcome Message

Every Welcome Message can be deeplinked to. When a user follows the deeplink, the Direct Message compose view will be opened with the specified Welcome Message presented. Deeplinks can be used anywhere from a website, an app, a Tweet or even another Direct Message conversation.

To create a Welcome Message deeplink:

  1. Create a new Welcome Message with POST direct_messages/welcome_messages/new. Take note of the returned Welcome Message ID.
  2. Construct a Direct Message deeplink with the recipient_id and welcome_message_id query string parameters defined.

Example Direct Message Deeplink: 3805104374&welcome_message_id=12345

Note: You can create as many Welcome Messages as you require and all Welcome Messages can be deeplinked to.

Deeplinking from a Tweet 

By simply including the Direct Message deeplink URL at the end of a Tweet, your can append a "Send a private message" button to the bottom of the Tweet. Read more about using Direct Message deeplinks in Tweets in this blog post.

Using a Direct Message Card, businesses can capture people’s attention with engaging image or video creatives, and include up to four fully customizable call-to-action buttons. Each call-to-action button can deeplink to a unique Welcome Message. The Direct Message Card is currently available in limited beta to Twitter advertisers. Contact your Twitter representative for more information.

Deeplinking from a Website

Direct Message deeplinks may also be used to deeplink from a website or other external source like a mobile app. For more details on deeplinking to Welcome Messages from a website, see Message Button documentation.

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