GET direct_messages/events/list

Returns all Direct Message events (both sent and received) within the last 30 days. Sorted in reverse-chronological order.

Resource URL

Resource Information

Response formats JSON
Requires authentication? Yes (user context only)
Rate limited? Yes
Requests / 15-min window (user auth) 15/user


count (optional) Max number of events to be returned. 20 default. 50 max.
cursor (optional) For paging through result sets greater than 1 page, use the “next_cursor” property from the previous request.

Example request using Twurl

twurl -X GET /1.1/direct_messages/events/list.json

Example Response

Events are returned in the events array. A next_cursor property will be returned if there are more events to be retrieved.


To determine if there are more event to retrieve, always look for the presence of a next_cursor. In rare cases the events array may be empty.

  "next_cursor": "AB345dkfC",
  "events": [
    { "id": "110", "created_timestamp": "5300", ... },
    { "id": "109", "created_timestamp": "5200", ... },
    { "id": "108", "created_timestamp": "5200", ... },
    { "id": "107", "created_timestamp": "5200", ... },
    { "id": "106", "created_timestamp": "5100", ... },
    { "id": "105", "created_timestamp": "5100", ... },
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