DELETE /2/users/:source_user_id/following/:target_user_id

Allows a user ID to unfollow another user.

The request succeeds with no action when the authenticated user sends a request to a user they're not following or have already unfollowed.

Endpoint URL

Authentication and rate limits

Authentication methods
supported by this endpoint

OAuth 1.0a User context

Rate limit

User rate limit: 50 requests per 15-minute window

Max operations Max operations per App: 500 per 24 hours

Path parameters

Name Type Description
string The user ID who you would like to initiate the unfollow on behalf of. You must pass the Access Tokens that relate to this user when authenticating the request.
string The user ID of the user that you would like the source_user_id to unfollow.

Example requests

      curl -X DELETE -H "Authorization: OAuth $OAUTH_SIGNATURE"
      twurl -X DELETE /2/users/2244994945/following/6253282


Example responses

  "data": {
    "following": false

Response fields

followingbooleanIndicates whether the source_user_id is unfollowing the specified user as a result of this request. This value is false for a successful the unfollow request.