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InsightsTrack API

What insights are tracked?

InsightsTrack monitors Tweets and the impressions and engagements associated with them according to a few guidelines:

  • We begin tracking Tweets from subscribed accounts after you have successfully submitted a rule for the subscribed account. To obtain performance data for historical Tweets, please see our Engagement API.
  • We track Tweets from subscribed accounts for 7 days after the Tweet is sent. This provides realtime performance data to capture the majority of activity that happens on Twitter. To obtain performance data for Tweets after this 7 day period, please see our Engagement API.

What data comes through the API?

  • Tweets from subscribed accounts
  • Summary objects that contain impression and engagement metric counts for Tweets published by your subscribed accounts
  • User events, when one of your subscribed accounts revokes access for your application

How does the counting work? Will these metrics be consistent with other places where I can find them from Twitter?

  • Impression and engagement activities that are reported through the InsightsTrack API come from events produced by Twitter-owned clients:, Twitter for iOS, and Twitter for Android.
  • Metric counts are reflected in real-time as we receive them from clients, which can be inherently lossy and delayed.
  • Metric counts should be consistent with other places that metrics are reported by Twitter -- such as the Engagement API and the Twitter Analytics Dashboard, with a few exceptions:
    • We expect InsightsTrack to be the most up to date source of engagement information.
    • InsightsTrack tracks additional video metrics, such as video starts, video view quartiles, etc. Due to this, the total engagements metric will be higher in InsightsTrack than it is in the Engagement API or the Analytics Dashboard.
    • InsightsTrack reports unfavorites, unreplies, unretweets, and unquote_tweets as individual metrics without automatically subtracting them from favorite, reply, retweet, and quote_tweet counts.

Which metrics contain both paid and organic data and which metrics contain only organic data?

  • Favorites, replies, retweets, unfavorites, and unreplies are the only metrics that contain both organic and promoted data. All other metrics contain only organic data.


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