Target Bidding

Bid Strategy

We have introduced the concept of Bid Strategy to simplify campaign creation workflow and reduce confusion about combinations of multiple parameters.

All previous (marked as legacy) combinations of parameters can be achieved by setting an equivalent goal parameter. Further information can be found in the announcement here.

As example:

Campaign Objective


Ads API v10+

App Installs

bid_type= AUTO

bid_unit = APP_INSTALLS

charge_by = APP_CLICKS


bid_strategy = AUTO

Website Clicks

bid_type = TARGET (Note: bid_unit was not needed for some campaign objectives)

bid_strategy = TARGET


Target Bidding

Using target bidding, you can specify a target cost you want to pay and the Twitter Ads platform will optimize your campaign for performance while staying near or below your target cost.

This feature gives you the flexibility to reach users who are especially likely to take the desired action (such as a link click, a lead or a follow) while maintaining cost control. This is a powerful feature for advertisers who desire more options for campaign setup and optimization (including bidding options).

For line items with compatible campaign objectives, we’ve introduced a new pricing mechanism for bid amount that lets you specify a target cost you want to pay. Our ad platform dynamically bids on your behalf to help you drive more results, while working to keep your average cost within 20% of your specified target. The bid_strategy setting on line items may be set with a value of TARGET to enable target bidding on relevant campaign objectives, such as: