Target Bidding

Using target bidding, you can specify a target cost you want to pay and the Twitter Ads platform will optimize your campaign for performance while staying near or below your target cost.

This feature gives you the flexibility to reach users who are especially likely to take the desired action (such as a link click, a lead or a follow) while maintaining cost control. This is a powerful feature for advertisers who desire more options for campaign setup and optimization (including bidding options).

For line items with website clicks (WEBSITE_CLICKS) and followers (FOLLOWERS) objectives, we’ve introduced a new pricing mechanism for bid amount that lets you specify a target cost per link click you want to pay. Our ad platform dynamically bids on your behalf to help you drive more link clicks, while working to keep your average cost per link click within 20% of your specified target. Therefore, we’ve replaced the automatically_select_bid boolean on line items with a new bid_type field that allows explicit specification of MAX, AUTO, and TARGET:

  • MAX, the default value, corresponds to automatically_select_bid = false (or null).
  • AUTO corresponds to automatically_select_bid = true.
  • TARGET attempts to make the line item’s bids average to the specified bid_amount_local_micro.

Both bid_type and automatically_select_bid will be available for some time before we permanently deprecate automatically_select_bid. You will be able to set one or the other, but not both simultaneously, on the same line item.

During this period, calls to the GET accounts/:account_id/line_items/:line_item_id endpoint and all others that return line item objects will return values for both automatically_select_bid and bid_type, regardless of whether you are part of the beta.

On POST accounts/:account_id/line_items and PUT accounts/:account_id/line_items/:line_item_id, setting bid_type to TARGET will cause automatically_select_bid to return false. If you have been inferring that automatically_select_bid = false means that a maximum bid has been set, you will need to update your code. But note that setting automatically_select_bid = false will retain the same behavior as before, effectively setting bid_type to MAX.

Please refer to the following table for an exhaustive list of state changes (including requirements for bid_amount_local_micro):

Setting Sets bid_type to Sets automatically_select_bid to bid_amount_local_micro
automatically_select_bid = false MAX false must NOT be null
automatically_select_bid = true AUTO true MUST be null
bid_type = MAX MAX false must NOT be null
bid_type = AUTO AUTO true MUST be null
bid_type = TARGET TARGET false must NOT be null
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