Audiences FAQ

Q: We pushed a huge amount of data, why does the audience size show up as TOO_SMALL?

A: Currently the data is being added into audience in realtime, but the job which processes data to provide audience size will run only after a period of time. The correct audience size should be displayed in the UI after a matter of hours.

Q: We finished sending audience data, and waited 24 hours or more, but still cannot target the audience - what should we do as next steps?

A: Please confirm that the following things:

  • The user ID being passed is correct and not malformed.
  • The audience names being passed are correct and match previous membership updates.
  • Please confirm the response from POST commands.
  • Please confirm the ID Sync pixel is implemented correctly, and as described by ID Sync process enough users have visited the site in question to map users. Unmapped users in the membership updates will not be translated into targeted users.

If all else are confirmed as correct and working, please contact Twitter product contacts with information as detailed as possible (see Guide to Partner Inbounds for example of preferred information).

Q: How many times can we call the endpoint, and with what algorithm?

A: We strongly recommend that you call our system with incremental deltas, and never re-send the complete audience memberships. The system has been tested to have a throughput sufficient to process incremental data updates for some of the largest websites in the world. The initial upload of audiences should be carefully throttled and first upload is expected to take a significant amount of time to complete.

Q: What is the minimum size for an audience to be used for targeting?

  • The minimum size for an audience to is 100 users (post match). If an audience with less than 500 users is matched, it will not be available for targeting in the Twitter Ads UI.

Q: How long will it take to process the audience files? And how long will it take for the audience files to be ready in the Twitter User Interface?

  • It typically takes 4-6 hours to process the audience files, but that will depend on the size of the file. Once the file is processed the audiences are available on the Twitter Ads UI.

Q: How is the match rate calculated?

  • Match Rate = 90 day active Twitter users / number of users provided

Q: How do we test if an audience file is working properly?

  • You can provide a test audience file and use “keltonlynn” as the advertiser handle. We can then verify that the file is able to be properly ingested and loaded into the Twitter UI.

Q: What is a partner user identifier (p_user_id)?

  • This is the identifier that is used by your company to uniquely identify each of your customers.

Q: What is a standard ID?

  • This can be an email address, device ID, twitter @handle or ID).

Q: How do I get the HMAC Key?

  • This will be provided by an encrypted email. Please provide your public PGP key to and we will send you a test email to verify that everything is working. Once verified, we will send you the HMAC Key.

Q: How do I verify that the hashing process worked using the given HMAC Key?

  • Twitter will provide a test file (containing sample email addresses, device IDs, etc…) and a resulting hash file that you can verify your results against.

Q: Is there a file size limitation for the full data match file?

  • No, there is no size limitation for the full data match file.

Q: How long will it take for the full data match file to be processed?

  • Once the file is received by Twitter, it will take approximately 1 day to process the file.