The Twitter API platform offers three tiers of search APIs: 

Standard This search API searches against a sampling of recent Tweets published in the past 7 days. Part of the 'public' set of APIs.

Premium Free and paid access to the last 30 days of Tweets.  Built on the reliability and full-fidelity of our enterprise data APIs, provides the opportunity to upgrade your access as your app and business grows.

Enterprise Paid (and managed) access to either the last 30 days of Tweets, or access to the entire Tweet archive.  Provides full-fidelity data, direct account management support, and dedicated technical support to help with integration strategy.

Feature summary

Category Product name Supported history Query capability Counts endpoint Data fidelity
Standard Standard Search API
7 days Standard operators Not available Incomplete
Premium Search Tweets: 30-Day API
30 days Premium operators Available Full
Enterprise 30-Day Search API
30 days Premium operators
Included Full
Enterprise Full-Archive Search API
Full-archive (back to 2006) Premium operators
Included Full