Team management

Team management

Only available to Enterprise v2  accounts. 

View the "team" page within the developer portal.

Why use team functionality?

Team functionality facilitates collaborative development of Projects and Apps within the Twitter Developer Platform. Often, teams have different people responsible for access control, billing/payments, and this allows you to invite those people to contribute to your project.

Inviting team members

In order to invite someone to join a team, an admin can invite them via their Twitter handle. They will receive an email and they can accept it via that email invitation. Once they accept, they will need to agree to the Developer Agreement & Policy, and can then access the main account's team page.

Please note: Team management does not currently grant/limit API access based on App credentials.  It is not possible to share App management across your team.  Apps (keys/tokens) cannot be edited, created, or deleted by non-owners.

Team dashboard

On the "members" tab of the team dashboard, you will view all the members and their roles. If you are an administrator of a team, you will be able to manage developer access and edit the roles of each member.

Administrators also have access to the "pending" tab of the team dashboard. Here, admins can view the details and manage each invitation that has been sent out.

Team roles:

Administrator role:

  • Ability to manage team projects and apps
  • Ability to manage all app environments
  • Ability to choose/upgrade subscriptions
  • Ability to update billing/payment methods
  • Ability to add/remove team members
  • Ability to edit roles of team members

Developer role: 

  • Ability to manage own projects and apps
  • Read-only access to team projects and apps
  • Ability to leave the team