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Product Update: Improvements for Embedded Timelines

  By Eleanor Harding, @tweetanor, Staff Product Manager   16 August 2022

  By Eleanor Harding, @tweetanor, Staff Product Manager

16 August 2022

Bringing Twitter content to your websites and apps just got better. Today, we’re announcing key improvements to Embedded Timelines

We know that developers rely on embedded timelines to bring the conversation from Twitter to millions of websites and apps. From individual Tweets and photos, embedded timelines help bring audiences together with their presence on Twitter. It’s an easy way for publishers to provide relevant and timely content from Twitter on a website or app.

Key product updates 

On August 16, 2022, we’re beginning a rollout of changes to embedded timelines in order to modernize their look and feel, as well as upgrade ways of engaging with content. If you’ve implemented an embedded timeline on your website, you’ll see the following updates:

  • Easily follow a List or Profile that is shared in an embedded timeline

  • Respond to Tweets with a new reply option 

  • Engage with Tweets shown on the Embedded Timeline 

  • View the number of likes and replies a Tweet receives

  • See Tweets as they were originally Tweeted with a new Quote Tweet view  

These updates will happen automatically as we stagger the rollout. We plan to roll out beginning at 25%, and anticipate completion for 100% of all timelines within one week.

Here’s a view of how these updates will look when live: 

Reminder: upcoming retirement

We also want to share a reminder of the upcoming retirement of the Likes, Collections, and Moments timelines. 

Last year, we announced the deprecation of these timelines. We now plan to formally retire them on September 15, 2022. This change will not affect the more than 99% of people using embedded timelines, and we will continue to focus on delivering value through our more utilized Profiles and Lists timelines

If you experience issues or have any questions with either the new product updates, or the upcoming retirement of Likes, Collections, and Moments, please post in the Twitter for Websites category in the developer forums and someone from our team will respond as soon as they can. You can also refer to our documentation for supported implementations of embedded timelines and best practices.