The Twitter developer portal is a set of self-serve tools that developers can use to manage their access to the premium APIs, as well as to create and manage their Twitter apps

The portal is made up of the following pages:

  • A developer dashboard that displays Premium API usage and subscription level.
  • A subscriptions page where you can manage and view additional details about your Premium subscription level.
  • An apps page where you can create and manage your Twitter Apps.
  • An environments page where you can set up your developer environments.
  • A billing page where you can view your payment details and previous invoices.
  • and a teams page where you can add and manage the different handles that have access to your team's Premium APIs.

How to apply

To get a Twitter developer account, please apply:

Please note: When applying, you will have to submit detailed use case information about your intended use of Twitter APIs. To get through the application process as quickly as possible, please make sure to be as specific as possible.

Be sure to confirm your email address at the end of the application flow, and  check that email in case our team has additional questions about your application before we can approve it. Your application will automatically close after 14 days of non-response to our team's questions.

Twitter for education

If you would like to use Twitter APIs in your classroom, please read through the following page - Playbook: Twitter for education

Available premium products

Twitter currently offers a series of premium APIs that developers can use to request rich metrics from Tweets and account activity. The developer portal enables easy management of usage, billing, and subscriptions to these premium APIs.

Search APIs

The Premium Search APIs provides instant and complete access to the archive of public Twitter data, making it quick and easy to find the exact Tweets that matter to you. Whether you need a 30-day or 10-year look-back window, these endpoints and their pricing tiers provide the flexibility and access you need.

Account Activity API

The Premium Account Activity API is a webhook-based method for developers to subscribe to a real-time feed of activities related to user accounts on Twitter.

App management

Developers can both create and manage Twitter apps from the developer portal under the "Apps" section. This includes editing an app's callback URL, setting an app's access levels, and importantly, finding an app's ID, consumer tokens, and access tokens. You can also regenerate an app's keys if you believe they've been compromised or lost. 

Learn more about creating and managing your apps in our Twitter apps guide.