Access Tokens

You need to generate an access token and token secret if you would like to do the following:

  • Your application only needs to make requests on behalf of a single user (for example, posting, liking, or ReTweeting Tweets as a user, following or unfollowing, retrieving a list of recent DMs for a user)
  • You wish to test API functionality from a single account before building out the 3-Legged OAuth flow.

To generate your access token and secret, you must have a Twitter app.

  • If you have an existing Twitter app, you can view and edit it in the Twitter app dashboard if you are logged into your Twitter account on
  • If you need to create a Twitter app, you can do so via the same app management dashboard, but you must have an approved developer account.

Generating access tokens

Follow the below steps to generate access tokens for an existing Twitter app:

  1. Login to your Twitter account on
  2. Navigate to the Twitter app dashboard and open the Twitter app for which you would like to generate access tokens.
  3. Navigate to the "Keys and Tokens" page.
  4. Select 'Create' under the "Access token & access token secret" section.

Next Steps