Success story: Audiense

Audience insights and personalized engagement using the Twitter API

Quick facts:
  • Provides a suite of marketing tools to perform audience & social listening analysis, and end-to-end campaign management & ad optimization on Twitter
  • Counts over 400,000 users from over 70 countries, including companies like VISA, Universal Music, Havas Helia and Comic Relief
  • Raised over $3.2M in funding in five years since incorporating as a company
  • Operates worldwide, with presence in London (UK), Spain and San Francisco (USA)

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In 2010, Javier Burón and Alfredo Artiles built an app called Follow Friday, which quickly gained over 100,000 Twitter followers. They were curious to better understand their newfound audience on Twitter, which led them to develop their first version of Audiense (then SocialBro) using the Twitter APIs. The initial product offered audience insights and segmentation tools to help businesses understand and manage communities on Twitter at scale.

As their customers have become more adept at social, Javier and his team have continued to build out features that strike the right balance between scale and personalization. "Along the way, we’ve tried to be mindful of building a solution that works for companies with very large follower and audience bases, and still aims at driving genuine and natural one-on-one interactions," notes third member of the executive team, Carlos Serra.


Since their initial product launch, Audiense has integrated with the Gnip APIs and third party data sources like IBM Watson to enrich social profiles with over 150 different segmentation criteria. This integration has helped drive two key areas for the Audiense platform:

  • Campaign management and analysis. Audiense has built dynamic audience segments using the Gnip APIs. Customers can build highly targeted audience groups and perform relevant and personalized organic and paid campaigns. "Working with the Gnip Audience, Engagement, Full Archive and PowerTrack APIs has made it easier for us to build target audiences, and provide some of the most complex audience construction and understanding possible," says Serra.
  • Segmentation and intelligence. Using IBM Watson, Audiense provides personality and emotional analysis on Twitter data to create new segmentation and targeting criteria. "We’ve always focused on helping companies manage their communities at scale, and adding this layer of targeting and segmentation capabilities is key to ensuring that relevant, personal, one-to-one interaction on Twitter, every single time.

For Audiense, Twitter is the best source of data for market research and consumer understanding. We encourage businesses to use Twitter data to change the way they operate.

Carlos Serra, COO, Audiense


The integration of the Twitter Ads API and the Gnip products allows Audiense to offer a full platform that focuses on audience intelligence in each stage of a campaign: building, execution and evaluation. Javier and team have found customers and advocates in businesses like VISA, Universal Music and Havas Helia who use Audiense to better understand and target their audience on the Twitter platform.

Additionally, the team have recently expanded paid ad placement via the Twitter Audience Platform. By combining this with Gnip products their clients are able to target insight-driven tailored audiences beyond Twitter. And they are seeing strong results, with one particular campaign driving a higher response rate while decreasing CPA (cost per lead acquisition) by 76%.

In its fifth year, Burón feels that Audiense has found the product market fit he was looking for. "When we were getting started, our customers had teams of data scientists on hand to help them make sense of their followers on Twitter," remembers Burón. "Now Audiense has become their new team of data scientists, with all the deep learning and actionable insights, and all at the click of a button."

Twitter data is non-replaceable for its insights and ability to drive and measure genuine engagement for brands.

Javier Burón, CEO, Audiense

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