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Thank you for your interest in curated datasets. We are just starting to explore this as a solution. We believe low-code or no-code curated datasets can make it easier for researchers to study Twitter data, and we want to hear what you think of our early ideas.

We’re exploring for free, purpose-built, low-code datasets

Curated datasets can help make it faster and easier for researchers to analyze public Twitter data related to high-interest topics. These purpose-built datasets will be comprehensive; intended to include all public Tweets on a given topic or use case. For transparency and research validation, this would also include the makeup and methodology used to create these datasets.

We have seen that purpose-built datasets can accelerate the pace at which academics can conduct research and produce insights with Twitter data. One example of this is the Twitter Transparency archive: curated datasets of public Tweets and media from accounts believed to be connected to state-backed manipulation and information operations. Our hope is that curated datasets can enable more of this type of work across a variety of disciplines.

A few example curated datasets that Twitter might create: 

  • COVID-19 and coronavirus

  • Recent natural disasters, by impacted regions

  • 2020 US election and other global elections

  • #MeToo or other social movements

  • Twitter infrastruture traces

  • A random sample for teaching & training purposes

  • And more… Have ideas on datasets you would like to see? Please fill out this form and let us know!


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