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Academic research

From social science to computer science, Twitter data can advance research objectives on topics as diverse as the global conversations happening on Twitter. 

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Resources and inspiration for your next academic research study

Research areas

Is social media research your specialty? Check out some of the research areas that teams at Twitter are working on today, and find related inspiration or references for your next research project.

Resources and tools

Learn the fundamentals of using Twitter data for academic research with tailored get-started guides. Or, take your current use of the API further with tutorials, code samples, and tools.

Curated datasets

Free, no-code datasets are intended to make it easier for academics to study topics that are of frequent interest to the research community. They are purpose-built, predefined, comprehensive datasets of all public Tweets related to a specific topic.

Share your experiences with Twitter and other researchers

Share your research publications

Academics have a lot of expertise to share with Twitter, so we are doing our biggest “lit review” of published academic research that uses Twitter data. If you authored a publication that used the Twitter API, consider sharing it below to enrich our study.

Shape the future of the Twitter Developer platform

Help us design for your needs by taking part in our academic research panel. Your feedback will help shape our investments that serve the academic research community.

Connect with other academic researchers

Meet other academic researchers using the Twitter API in our community forum, talk about methodologies or ideas for projects, and ask or answer questions about Academic Research access.

Explore academic research blog articles

Find the right data for your next academic study

If it’s being talked about in the world, it’s probably being talked about on Twitter. Academic Research access grants access to historical and real-time public Twitter data, helping advance research objectives for nearly any discipline.


Stay tuned

We have been hard at work developing our new free and basic API tiers, which are set to launch very soon! With these upcoming changes, Twitter is also looking at new ways to continue serving the academic community. Stay tuned to @TwitterDev for launch day and to learn more.