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Publish and manage Tweets, and analyze Tweet data

Twitter is built on the robust conversations happening around the world via Tweets. With Twitter’s API platform, you’ll find endpoints to capitalize on the functionality and data contained within Tweets, and to build great experiences and solutions for your customers. These endpoints enable you to manage your Tweets, publish and curate Tweets, filter and search for Tweet topics or trends, and much more.

Trend and event detection

Be the first to know what’s happening.

It pays to be the first to uncover a breaking news story, identify an industry-wide trend, or take action on market movements. We offer several tools and endpoints to help you analyze worldwide conversations and respond to trends as they unfold. These insights enable you to optimize ads, generate organic content, engage with customers, identify audiences, write articles, purchase stock, assess risks, inform long-term business strategy, discover unknown relevant topics, and much more. 

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