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Twitter for Websites

Twitter for Websites brings live conversation from Twitter to your website or app. You can also optimize your links on Twitter with Cards and other publishing tools.

Getting started

Getting started

Twitter for Websites is a suite of tools bringing Twitter content and functionality to your web pages and apps, enabling the Twitter audience to share your content, and follow your Twitter accounts. 

Read the documentation for Twitter for Websites.

Get help

Get help

We use the Twitter community forum to field questions relating to Twitter for Websites. This is a discussions forum where you will find questions by other developers and technical information on different topics related to Twitter for Websites.

We encourage you to join the conversation by responding to questions and engaging in conversations on our forum. Twitter employees are also there to provide support.

Before posting a new question, please review the guidelines below.

Before you post your question

When you post your question, make sure to include the following information

  • A description of the problem

  • The Twitter response returned (include any error messages)

  • What you expected to receive instead

  • List of steps taken to troubleshoot the issue

  • List of steps required to reproduce the issue

  • If relevant, the time frame during which an issue occurred 

  • Any relevant code sample or screenshots