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Developer account support

A developer account is used for managing your Twitter API access. Here we answer frequently asked questions on developer account management, access levels and functionality.


Frequently asked questions about developer accounts and access

How do I sign up for a developer account?

To sign up for a developer account:

  1. Log-in to Twitter and verify your email address and phone number
  2. Go sign up at with your basic name, location and use case details
  3. Review and accept the developer agreement
  4. You should now have access to the Developer Portal to create a new App and Project with Essential access

To check if you have a developer account go to the developer portal dashboard to review your account status and setup. 

What is the developer portal and how can I access it?

The developer portal is a self-serve user interface within where developers can manage their API access through Projects, and Apps. The developer portal is visible when a user is logged in (with Twitter) and has a developer account on  You can access the developer portal by clicking the "Developer Portal" link in the top right-hand corner of

Can I resend the email verification?

Yes, you can request a new email verification here: but please note this is limited to be re sent only every 15 min.

Why can't I log in to my developer account?

The login for your developer account is your Twitter account.  See Help with logging in.

What contact email is Twitter using to send communications about my developer account?

Check your current email address in your Twitter account settings. The email address associated with your Twitter account and that you verify to submit your application is the email that will be used for communications about the application status.  At this time, the email for application-related correspondence cannot be changed after the application is submitted.

How long will it take to get a developer account?

Immediately after you sign up for a developer account, you will be able to create a Twitter App and Project with Twitter API v2 access.  You will have the Essential access level and will be able to make requests immediately.

What are the different access levels to the Twitter API v2?

All Twitter API access requires a developers account, which can be created quickly by signing up.  Essential access will be available immediately, and Elevated access can be requested.

  • Essential: Free, instant access to the Twitter API. Includes 500k Tweets/month and a single App environment. 1 App, 1 Project.
  • Elevated: Free access up to 2M Tweets/month, and 3 App environments. 3 Apps, 1 Project. Requires an approved developer account application.

Can I use Twitter API v1.1, premium or enterprise with Essential access?

No, you must have Elevated access to utilize v1.1, premium or enterprise endpoints.

How can I apply for Elevated access?

Apply for Elevated access.

Can I get more than Elevated access?

Yes, managed access with enterprise is an option. Or you can specify your interest in higher levels by joining the waitlist.

Is it possible to have multiple developer accounts?

At this time, a single Twitter user can have a single developer account or can be a member of an team account. Users that already have a developer account cannot sign up  for another, nor can they be added to other developer accounts as team members.

If my developer account application was approved during Early Access, do I need to sign up again?

No, developer applications that were approved during the Twitter API v2: Early Access phase will now have the Elevated access level.

If I already applied for v2 Early Access, do I need to re-apply for Essential or Elevated access?

If you already have v2 access and an approved developer account, there is no need to re-apply. Developers already using the Twitter API v2 will automatically see their Projects upgraded to Elevated access the next time you visit the developer portal.

Do I need Elevated access?

If your use case requires your App to consume more than 2,000,0000 Tweets per month through the following endpoints, you may need to apply for Elevated access:

If you need the ability to manage multiple application environments with the same use case, for example the ability to run a staging environment in parallel with your production environment, you may need to apply for Elevated access.

How do I apply for the Elevated access level?

Developers can apply for Elevated access with specific use case details. To ensure quick approval, please be as detailed as possible with your use case. Also, please pay close attention to the email address that is associated with the @user account that you used to apply. If our team needs additional details about your use case, we will reach out to your Twitter @user email address.

What happens after I apply for Elevated or Academic Research access?

Twitter reviews applications to ensure compliance with the Developer Agreement and Policy, Automation Rules, Display Requirements, and Twitter Rules. Developer applicants will receive an email when the review is complete, or if more detail is needed about the described use case.

How will I be notified about my Elevated access application?

You will be notified with updates about your application via the email address you verified before submitting your application.  We will continue to use this email for all correspondence about your application, even if you later change the email associated with your Twitter account in your Twitter account settings. Search your inbox (and spam folder) for an email from  Note: this email is not available for inbound requests.  Please reply to the open thread to continue the case dialogue with our team.

When will I get Elevated access?

We aim to review all applications for Elevated access quickly. While in review, you will see “application under review” when you go to our developer portal. If it’s unclear how you intend to use the Twitter API, it may delay our review and prompt requests for more detail, which can delay access. Please make sure the information you provide is accurate and detailed, and monitor your email for updates or requests for more information. It is possible that reviewing Elevated access applications may take up to two weeks.

How can I check the status of my Elevated access application?

You will be notified with updates about your application via the email address you verified before submitting your application.  There is no way to check the status of an application through the developer portal at this time, so please monitor your email for updates or requests for more information; those emails will continue to come from  

If your account has been pending for a while, please search your email inbox for messages from and respond with the information that is requested.  

Note: the email is not available for inbound requests.  Please reply to the open email thread from to continue the case dialogue with our team.

Why is my Elevated access application still in review? How much longer?

We work to review applications as quickly as possible. Check your email for updates and respond to any additional requests to move the process along more quickly, we may be waiting on you for more information.  It is possible that reviewing Elevated access applications may take up to two weeks.

Will I be alerted when my Elevated access application is approved?

You will recieve an notification email to your verified email address.

How will I know if I have been approved?

Go to and click "Developer Portal" for the current status of your application.

Why was my Elevated access (or Academic Research) application rejected?

  • If your use case for the Twitter API violates our policy, you will be rejected.

  • If you do not provide more information about your use case, your application will become dormant and will automatically close as rejected.

  • To reopen your application, respond to our email correspondence.

I think my application was closed before I responded to a request for more information. What can I do?

Developers can reopen a application review by responding to the last email sent to your email address about your application and provide the details requested to continue the application process. For account specific inquiries, you may contact developer account support.

What if I get rejected for Elevated or Academic Research access?

Applications may be rejected if they are found to be in violation of any section of the Developer Agreement and Policy, Automation Rules, Display Requirements, and/or the Twitter Rules.

We don’t currently allow you to appeal this decision. We are investigating options to allow people who feel they’ve been inappropriately rejected to appeal. Please stay informed of future updates.

Please do not write into the community forums asking about your rejection, as we cannot comment on rejections publicly, you may contact developer account support.

Can I re-apply for Elevated or Academic Research access?

No, not at this time. If this changes we will announce through our multiple channels here: Stay Informed.

If I was rejected for v2 Early Access, can I still access the Twitter API v2?

We are working on a solution to enable you to sign up for Essential or re-apply for Elevated access. 

How can I get help with a pending developer account application?

Review your email for communication from We are working on other support solutions to debug edge cases and will update this FAQ.


What is the difference between an individual and a team account?

Currently, the functionality multiple developers to access the same Project  settings and Tweet cap as a 'team' is the only difference between an individual and team developer account.

How many developers can I have on my team account?

There currently isn't a limit on the number of developers on your team. To review team members, roles, and added dates, see the "team" page.

Why can't I see the "team" option on my account drop-down?

This means that you either have Essential access only, or applied as an individual account, as opposed to a team account. 

Can I change my individual account to a team account?

Changing an individual setup to a team setup is not possible today.

Can a developer be on two different developer accounts?

This is not possible at this time. If you do need multiple accounts, please request or vote for this on our feedback forum.

Why can't I leave the team account?

If you have a developer role, you can leave the team at any time. If you have an admin role and are the only one on the team, you must first promote another member to this role before leaving.

Why can't I add a specific team member to my account?

When building out your developer/admin team, there are some things to consider:

Team members can only be added to an team account if:

  • The invitee does not have access to your team account.
  • The invitee is not a member of any other team account.
  • The invitee is not suspended, muted, or blocked by the account admin.
  • The invitee has not applied or been approved for their own team account.
  • The invitee was invited to join the team account, but then the invite was revoked, the invitee cannot be re-invited for 24 hours.
  • In the situation where the invitee does not have a verified email address with Twitter, a unique invitation link will be generated for admins to send to them directly.

If your team member never received an email, please ask them to double-check to see if they have an email address associated with their Twitter account, located in Twitter settings. We hope to expand the functionality of generating a unique invite link to pass to all members under the “Pending” tab if the member cannot find the email.  For additional questions you may contact developer account support.

I’m a Verizon customer and I can’t log in to my account

If you’re a new or existing Verizon customer, you may not be able to log in to your account because you’re not receiving a login verification PIN via text message. Try logging out of your Twitter account and logging back in. You should then receive a verification PIN via SMS. If this doesn't resolve your issue, send a text message from your device with the message content, GO, to the Twitter shortcode 40404. This will opt you in to receive SMS from Twitter, which is consistent with your notification settings. More details can be found on this help page.


Frequently asked questions about Twitter Apps and Projects

What's the difference between standalone Apps and Projects?

Projects allow you to organize your work based on how you intend to use the Twitter API v2, so you can effectively manage your access, and monitor your usage. Each Project contains at least one App. Projects have specified access level such as Essential or Elevated access.  Projects with Elevated access can have up to three connected Apps.  An App must be connected to a Project in order to use Twitter API v2.

Standalone Apps are Apps that exist outside of the Project structure. These Apps can connect to v1.1, Labs, or Premium endpoints but can’t connect to v2 endpoints without being connected to a Project.

What is the relationship between my developer account, Projects and Apps?

Your developer account allows you to set up and manage you own Projects and Apps.  Projects create the permissions for allowing Apps to connect to Twitter API v2 endpoints.  Only Apps within Projects can access Twitter API v2.  Projects each have a Tweet volume consumption limit for any connected Apps within the Project on monthly basis.  We have a documentation section specifically for Projects, Twitter Apps and the dashboard.

What exactly is a Project? 

A Project allows you to organize your work (based on use case) with the Twitter Developer Platform’s APIs, and are required when making requests to the Twitter API v2 endpoints. You are also limited to being able to retrieve a certain number of Tweets per month from specific endpoints at the Project-level.

Can anyone else see my Project name or information other than me?

Your Project name and description will only be visible to you or your team if you have a team account. It is important to note that if you implement third-party authentication (sometimes referenced as “sign in with Twitter”), your App’s description will be displayed publicly. You should review and update your App and Project description before implementing a sign in with Twitter authentication flow. Review our documentation on 'sign in with Twitter' to learn more.

How many Projects can I have? 

This depends on what access levels you currently have access to.

You are allowed one Project with either Essential or Elevated access. This means that -- if you have Essential access and are approved for Elevated access, your Project will automatically upgrade to having Elevated access. 

If you are approved for Academic Research access, you will be able to have one additional Project, for a total of two.

Can I have more than one App connected to a Project?

This depends on the access levels that you have access to. 

  • Essential access can only have one App per Project.

  • Elevated access can have up to three Apps per Project.

  • Academic Research access can only have one App per Project.



Can I add existing Apps to a Project?

Yes, you can add an existing App (also known as standalone Apps) to your Project. When setting up your Project, you should see an option to add a standalone App to that Project. 


Is there a way to check my progress towards the monthly Project Tweet cap?

There is a Project-level Tweet cap limiting the number of Tweets you can retrieve from several Twitter API v2 endpoints. This is set based on the access level (Essential, Elevated, etc)

You can check your progress towards the monthly cap from the Project section on the developer portal dashboard


What are the Tweet caps per access level? Is there a way to get more?

Projects with essential access will have a monthly Tweet cap of 500,000 Tweets.  Projects with elevated access will have a monthly Tweet cap of 2,000,000 Tweets. The existing Tweet caps are hard limits. In future releases, we will be launching elevated access options for the Twitter API v2 endpoints. You can sign up for our waitlist to learn more.


Why can't I edit a Project?

If your developer account was set up as a team account, you will not be able to edit a Project unless you are an administrator of the account. 

If you have Academic Research access, you will not be able to edit the details of the Project you used to apply for access.


Why can I see an App in a Project, but none of its details? 

If you are on a team, you may view the details of, edit, or manage keys for someone else's App in a team account's Project due to privacy reasons. In this case, you will only be able to see the App name and owner’s name so that you can contact them.


How do I transfer ownership of my Twitter App to another account?

You can transfer your Twitter App to another account by selecting 'I need to transfer an API key to another account' when filling out this form

Where are my keys and tokens? 

You can access your keys and tokens inside of the Projects & Apps section of the developer portal, by clicking on an App. It is important to note that we recently stopped showing your keys and tokens in your Twitter developer App dashboard other than when you first generate or regenerate your credentials. You will need to store your keys and tokens securely. If you lost your keys and/or tokens, or believe that they have been compromised, you should regenerate your keys and tokens via the App dashboard. Note that regenerating your keys and tokens will invalidate any previous keys and tokens and you may need to rewrite and/or redeploy existing code.


I have a Twitter App that is owned by handle A, but I want to make a request on behalf of handle B. How do I do that?

It is true that you can generate an access token and secret within your Twitter App to be used by the owning user. You do not, however, need to have a developer account nor a Twitter App for you to generate an access token for them. Even if the user does have a developer account and Twitter Apps, you would not be able to use any of the access tokens that they generate from their Twitter Apps, because those tokens are meant to be used with their respective Twitter Apps.

To make a request on behalf of another user, you need to generate a new set of user access tokens that are specifically meant to be used by your Twitter App. To generate these access tokens, you must use the 3-legged OAuth flow and have the user authenticate or authorize your Twitter App. The third step in the 3-legged OAuth flow provides you a set of access tokens that you can use along with your consumer key and secret to make a request on behalf of that user with your Twitter App.

You should be able to do all of your development for a single organization with one developer account. If you have a single organization with multiple use cases, please create and use different Twitter Apps for those different use cases.

Why aren’t my Apps showing up in the developer portal?

Your Twitter Apps may have been provisioned through an account other than the one you’re logged in to or set up through automated means. Please submit a platform support request for further assistance.

I've been working with the Twitter API for a very long time, do I need to sign up for a developer account?

All developers will need to have a developer account to be able to utilize the benefits of Twitter API v2, create new Apps and Projects. To do this, you must first sign up for a developer account.If you have existing Apps, you will be able to view and edit them if you are logged into your Twitter account on


I have a use case that requires more than 10 Apps. Why am I limited and how do I apply for an elevation?

We have limited accounts to a maximum of 10 Apps as an important step to combat spam and multi-key abuse. We recognize, however, that there are legitimate reasons for developers to have more than 10 Apps linked to their accounts. We suggest that you review our policy guidance on multiple Apps for the same use case to familiarize yourself with the types of App creation that are not policy-compliant. If, after reading this guide, you believe you may qualify for additional Apps beyond the 10 limit (or your current number of Apps, if it’s greater than 10) please complete the following steps:

  1. If you haven’t already submitted a developer account application, please submit one. Please be as specific and detailed as possible to avoid additional requests for information and ensure a smooth review. You will also need to confirm your email address at the end of the application flow. Please make sure to pay attention to your email in case we need to clarify your use case. 

  2. While we review your developer account application, make sure we know the purpose of each of your individual Apps. Using, you can add a description of your App's use case(s) where it says “Tell us how this App will be used”.

  3. Once you receive notice that your developer account is approved, you should submit an elevation request for each App that needs elevated App access: 

  • Go to our API Policy Support Form

  • Open a case under the “I have an API policy question not covered by these points” category. (Be sure that you’re signed in from the @handle tied to the developer account that is requesting additional Apps.)

  • In the “Details” section of the form please provide the total number of Apps that you require, along with the specific use case for each App. We will not approve Apps that do not include a use case.

  • Submit the case, and complete instructions in follow up emails as requested.


  • I’d like to provide feedback.  How can I do that?
  • That’s great!  We’re always looking for feedback from the community. You just need to add your feedback to our feedback channel.

Get support from Twitter

If you have a question that is not addressed in this FAQ, or if you have a question about your specific account you can contact the Developer Account support team below.  Please make sure you are currently logged in as the user that corresponds to your developer account inquiry.

Ask the Twitter community

The Twitter community forum is available for you to ask technical questions about the Twitter developer platform. This is a discussions forum where you will find questions by other developers and technical information on a variety of topics related to using the Twitter API.

We encourage you to join the conversation by responding to questions and engaging in conversations on our forum. Twitter employees are also there to moderate.

Before you post a question

When you post a question, make sure to include the following information

  • A description of the problem
  • The API call being made (include headers, if possible)
  • The Twitter response returned (include any error messages)
  • What you expected to receive instead
  • List of steps taken to troubleshoot the issue
  • List of steps required to reproduce the issue
  • If relevant, the time frame during which an issue occurred 
  • If relevant, the App ID, Tweet ID, etc.
  • Any relevant code sample or screenshots

Please only include one topic/question per post. 

For feature requests or missing functionality, please use our feedback platform instead.

For Policy-related issues, such as App suspension, please contact Policy support.

For Twitter-related issues, such as login and account support, please use the Twitter Help Desk.