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From social science to computer science, Twitter data can advance research objectives on topics as diverse as the global conversations happening on Twitter.

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Whether you’re a graduate student writing a thesis or a principal investigator at a research lab, there is a Twitter data solution that can help. Our APIs range from free and publicly available with an approved Twitter developer account, to enterprise level access for large-scale, well-resourced projects. Or you can try our experimental endpoints in Labs, where you can explore the future of the Twitter API.

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We’re rebuilding the Twitter API with big plans for academic researchers. For the first time, our product roadmap includes a tailored offering for researchers, with elevated access for free. Explore what’s to come with Early Access to our new v2 endpoints, all designed to help you better listen to and analyze the public conversation.

The future of the Twitter API for researchers

We’ll soon be introducing a new Academic Research product track designed to serve the unique needs and challenges of academic researchers. In addition to new endpoints and features tailored to the goals of researchers who use our API in their studies, this product track will include additional levels of access to our v2 API, with the flexibility to grow and change access levels based on current needs. Here's a representation of how this might come together.

Academic Research v2 access paths

There are multiple social media platforms where hate speech can be traced, though we draw on Twitter data due to ease of access, nuance and speed of conversation, and the volume of data.

Dr. Matthew Williams, Professor of Criminology at Cardiff University

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