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As we design the future of our developer platform we want to learn from our developer community.

We would like to invite you to provide feedback about our plans to offer developers access to the Twitter API through distinct product tracks, each designed to enable developers based on their use case and commercial intent. 

Before completing this form, we ask that you take a minute to review our guide to the future of the Twitter API. We look forward to learning more about you and reviewing your feedback!

1. Which of the below best describes your reason for using the Twitter API? * *

Academic Research
Professional (for a business or sold product)
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Other (please describe)

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Other businesses (as customers)

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As described in the guide to the future of the Twitter API, developers will be able to apply for API access through product tracks that are relevant to them and their use case:

  1. Standard - The default product track for most developers, including those building something for fun, for a good cause, to learn or teach
  2. Academic Research - Academic researchers are one of the largest groups looking to understand what’s happening in the public conversation. Within this track, qualified academic researchers will get highly Elevated access to a relevant collection of endpoints.
  3. Business - Developers build businesses on the Twitter API and we love that their products help other people and businesses better understand and engage with the conversation on Twitter. This track includes Elevated access to relevant collections of endpoints, or Custom access.

We plan on introducing licensing terms which will limit commercial use in certain product tracks. 

4. a.) Based on the descriptions above, which of the following product tracks is most relevant to your intended use of the API?

Academic Research
I'm not sure (please specify why)

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