Twitter API

Academic Research access

Advance your research objectives with public data on nearly any topic.

Enhance your academic research with global, real-time and historical data

Get more precise, complete, and unbiased data from the public conversation for free. This specialized access includes access to all Twitter API v2 endpoints, a higher monthly Tweet cap, and enhanced features designed to support research.

Who it's for

Academic researchers with specific research objectives are encouraged to apply. This includes graduate students working on a thesis, PhD candidates working on a dissertation, or research scholars affiliated with or employed by an academic institution.

Use cases

Find global data for your thesis or dissertation, gather historical or real-time data for your research lab, and study the public conversation with the API v2.

Non-commercial use

Reserving this access for only non-commercial use makes it possible to provide long-term support for researchers who rely on the Twitter API to do their work. 

Are you eligible for Academic Research access?

New and existing Twitter developers need to complete an Academic Research application to access. You’re encouraged to apply if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are either a master’s student, doctoral candidate, post-doc, faculty, or research-focused employee at an academic institution or university.
  • You have a clearly defined research objective, and you have specific plans for how you intend to use, analyze, and share Twitter data from your research. More about Project details here.
  • You will use this access for non-commercial purposes. More about non-commercial use here.

If you don't meet all of the requirements above, consider other access levels to the Twitter API.

What's included

Get details on the data available to you with Academic Research access

Key benefits

Access Twitter's real-time and historical public data with additional features and functionality that support collecting more precise, complete, and unbiased datasets. More details on included endpoints

Tweet cap

10 million Tweets / month

Query rules

1024 characters, 1000 streaming rules

Streaming rates

50 requests / 15 minutes, per app

Technical support

Developer documentation, tutorials, support content, and community forums

Use cases

Not sure where to start? Inspiration can come from anywhere, these are some of the most popular use cases for researchers.


Stay tuned

We have been hard at work developing our new free and basic API tiers, which are set to launch very soon! With these upcoming changes, we are also looking at new ways to continue serving the academic community. Stay tuned to @TwitterDev to learn more.