Twitter Ads API

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The Twitter Ads API offers you the tools needed to deliver advertiser innovations and efficiencies that complement the Twitter Ads platform.

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Twitter Ads API Overview


Enrich Tweets with Twitter’s native creative format, Cards. Cards are interactive units with media that can be included in organic and/or promoted Tweets.

Tailored audiences

Pass unique audience segments to advertisers for activation. Tailored audiences can be included, excluded, or modeled to reach similar people on Twitter.

Campaign management

Programmatically create, schedule, and manage advertising campaigns to engage people on Twitter.

Advertising analytics

Granular insights of ad campaigns by a full range of metrics. Understand the impact of campaigns to influence marketing decisions.


Measure performance of ad campaigns to inform optimization with website and Mobile App conversions.

Developer access tiers

The level of developer access reflects the availability and scale of the application. Twitter supports the effectiveness of your build by qualifying the value for Twitter advertisers and enables a scaled offering to meet advertiser demand. Learn more.


This entry-level Developer license provides companies access to Ads API endpoints to develop their tool to completion. Developer-level partners are limited to five OAuth tokens.


The next level up. Standard access indicates a Developer has proven their concept in live pilot campaigns. OAuth token limits are lifted and the partner is able to scale their business.

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