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Publish and manage Tweets, and analyze Tweet data

Twitter is built on the conversations happening around the world via Tweets. With Twitter’s API platform, you’ll find endpoints to unlock the data from Tweets, so you can build great experiences and solutions for your customers. These endpoints enable you to manage your Tweets, publish and curate Tweets, filter and search for Tweet topics or trends, and much more.

Publish and engage

A handful of endpoints to display and manage Tweets.

Tweets tell the stories that are happening around the world. Our endpoints for publishing and managing Tweets include the basic functions to enable these stories. These fundamentals empower you to create Tweets, get Timelines, curate collections, and more.

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Instant historical access to Tweets.

Understand the past to predict the future. Our Search APIs provide instant and complete access to the archive of public Twitter data, making it quick and easy to find the exact Tweets that matter to you. Whether you need a 7-day, 30-day, or 10 year look-back window, these endpoints provide the flexibility and access you need.

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Complete coverage of Tweets as they happen.

From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests, Twitter is what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now. Our Filter APIs provide powerful filtering and coverage of the data you need, delivered in real-time. Get the data you need, the moment you need it.

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Snapshot of Tweets in real-time.

Sometimes a snapshot is all you need to understand what’s happening. Our Sample Tweets APIs return random samples of public Tweets as they happen. Discover unexpected trends and inform decisions in real-time.

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Conduct deep research backed by history.

The full archive of public Twitter data has over a decade of conversations around almost any topic you can imagine. Our batch process provides an economical way to filter significant amounts of data to find and analyze any public Tweet — back to the very first one in 2006.

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