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Manage account settings and users.

Programmatic access to account and user settings means you have the flexibility to make the changes your users’ requests and the power to pull the user data that you need at scale. Within account and user settings, you can manage your profile and settings, mute or block users, manage users and followers, pull data specific to activity on your account, and more.

Endpoints and access

Account settings and profile

Manage your account and profile settings programmatically. Standard

Mute and block users

Programmatically mute and block users who engage with your account. Standard

Follow, search, and get users

Follow users, search for users, and retrieve user profiles with these endpoints. Standard

Create and manage lists

Create new list lists, add users to lists, and remove users from lists with these endpoints. Standard 

Account Activity API

Subscribe to real-time delivery of an account’s activities.

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