A search timeline displays Tweets from the past few weeks in the results of a Twitter search ranked by the Twitter search engine. A search widget may be configured to show only top tweets and automatically remove Tweets marked as containing sensitive content.

Create a new embedded search timeline from your logged-in account’s widget settings. Experiment with Twitter search syntax using Twitter advanced search.

Example widgets

Hashtag search widget

Display the global conversation on Twitter grouped by an explicitly tagged keyword with an embedded hashtag timeline. Enter a hashtag such as #TwitterStories into the widget configurator’s search query field. Read more about hashtags on Twitter.

Example search query: #TwitterStories

Twitter comments widget

Search for a specific URL to display the recent Twitter conversation about an article or other content.

Example search query: https://www.periscope.tv/

Replies widget

Display a list of recent Tweets directed at a specific Twitter user. Read more about replies.

Example search query: to:taylorswift13

Mentions widget

Display a list of recent Tweets mentioning a specific Twitter user. Read more about mentions.

Example search query: @TwitterOSS

JavaScript factory function

The Twitter for Websites JavaScript library supports dynamic insertion of an embedded user timeline using the twttr.widgets.createTimeline function. Pass a widget ID, target container element, and optional options object to insert an embedded timeline into your page.

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