GET statuses/retweets/:id

Returns a collection of the 100 most recent retweets of the Tweet specified by the id parameter.

Resource URL

Resource Information

Response formats JSON
Requires authentication? Yes
Rate limited? Yes
Requests / 15-min window (user auth) 75
Requests / 15-min window (app auth) 300


Name Required Description Default Value Example
id required The numerical ID of the desired status. 123
count optional Specifies the number of records to retrieve. Must be less than or equal to 100. 5
trim_user optional When set to either true , t or 1 , each tweet returned in a timeline will include a user object including only the status authors numerical ID. Omit this parameter to receive the complete user object. true

Example Request


Example Response

    "created_at": "Wed May 15 16:04:52 +0000 2019",
    "id": 1128692733353218048,
    "id_str": "1128692733353218048",
    "text": "RT @jack: just setting up my twttr",
    "truncated": false,
    "entities": {
      "hashtags": [],
      "symbols": [],
      "user_mentions": [
          "screen_name": "jack",
          "name": "jack",
          "id": 12,
          "id_str": "12",
          "indices": [
      "urls": []
    "source": "<a href="" rel="nofollow">Twitter Web App</a>",
    "in_reply_to_status_id": null,
    "in_reply_to_status_id_str": null,
    "in_reply_to_user_id": null,
    "in_reply_to_user_id_str": null,
    "in_reply_to_screen_name": null,
    "user": {
      "id": 6253282,
      "id_str": "6253282",
      "name": "Twitter API",
      "screen_name": "TwitterAPI",
      "location": "San Francisco, CA",
      "description": "The Real Twitter API. Tweets about API changes, service issues and our Developer Platform. Don't get an answer? It's on my website.",
      "url": "",
      "entities": {
        "url": {
          "urls": [
              "url": "",
              "expanded_url": "",
              "display_url": "",
              "indices": [
        "description": {
          "urls": []
      "protected": false,
      "followers_count": 6128663,
      "friends_count": 12,
      "listed_count": 12900,
      "created_at": "Wed May 23 06:01:13 +0000 2007",
      "favourites_count": 32,
      "utc_offset": null,
      "time_zone": null,
      "geo_enabled": null,
      "verified": true,
      "statuses_count": 3659,
      "lang": "null",
      "contributors_enabled": null,
      "is_translator": null,
      "is_translation_enabled": null,
      "profile_background_color": "null",
      "profile_background_image_url": "null",
      "profile_background_image_url_https": "null",
      "profile_background_tile": nulll,
      "profile_image_url": "null",
      "profile_image_url_https": "",
      "profile_banner_url": "",
      "profile_link_color": "null",
      "profile_sidebar_border_color": "null",
      "profile_sidebar_fill_color": "null",
      "profile_text_color": "null",
      "profile_use_background_image": null,
      "has_extended_profile": null,
      "default_profile": false,
      "default_profile_image": false,
      "following": null,
      "follow_request_sent": null,
      "notifications": null,
      "translator_type": "null"
    "geo": null,
    "coordinates": null,
    "place": null,
    "contributors": null,
    "is_quote_status": false,
    "retweet_count": 161,
    "favorite_count": 296,
    "favorited": false,
    "retweeted": false,
    "possibly_sensitive": false,
    "possibly_sensitive_appealable": false,
    "lang": "en"
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