POST direct_messages/welcome_messages/rules/new

Creates a new Welcome Message Rule that determines which Welcome Message will be shown in a given conversation. Returns the created rule if successful.

Requires a JSON POST body and Content-Type header to be set to application/json. Setting Content-Length may also be required if it is not automatically.

Additional rule configurations are forthcoming. For the initial beta release, the most recently created Rule will always take precedence, and the assigned Welcome Message will be displayed in the conversation.

See the Welcome Messages overview to learn how to work with Welcome Messages.

Resource URL

Resource Information

Response formats JSON
Content-Type application/json
Requires authentication? Yes (user context only)
Rate limited? Yes

Welcome Message Rule Object

welcome_message_id (required) The ID of the Welcome Message that will be sent when this Rule is triggered.

Example Request

  "welcome_message_rule": {
    "welcome_message_id": "844385345234"

Example request using Twurl

twurl -A 'Content-type: application/json' -X POST /1.1/direct_messages/welcome_messages/rules/new.json -d '{"welcome_message_rule": {"welcome_message_id": "844385345234"}}'

Example Response

  "welcome_message_rule" : {
    "id": "9910934913490319",
    "created_timestamp": "1470182394258",
    "welcome_message_id": "844385345234"