Sampled stream is the Twitter API v2 versions of the v1.1 GET statuses/sample endpoint. To see what's new with v2, you can view our migration guide.

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1% sampled stream

The sampled stream endpoint delivers a roughly 1% random sample of publicly available Tweets in real-time. With it, you can identify and track trends, monitor general sentiment, monitor global events, and much more.

This streaming endpoint delivers Tweet objects through a persistent HTTP GET connection, and uses OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token authentication. You can connect one client per session, and can disconnect and reconnect no more than 50 times per 15 minute window.

If you have Academic Research access, you can utilize the recovery and redundancy features, redundant connections and backfill, to maximize your streaming up-time and recover up to five minutes of data that you might have missed during a disconnection. 

To access this endpoint, you must sign up for a developer account. When authenticating, you must use keys and tokens from a developer App that is located within a Project.

Learn more about getting access to the Twitter API v2 endpoints in our "Getting started" page.