Manage replies by topic

Through the hide replies endpoint, you can build integrations to help people and brands keep their conversation on topic. This page shows how to manage a conversation using the hide replies and recent search endpoints.

Recent search has functionality to a conversation and its replies, and the Tweet payload returns Tweet annotations to help you understand the context and topic of each Tweet, regardless of language.

The app's flow will have controls to display and manage a conversation:

  1. It asks the user’s permission to read their Tweets and manage their replies.
  2. It pulls a recent conversation from a Tweet URL, and checks that the conversation is from the authenticating user.
  3. It will call the recent search endpoint to display each Tweet in the conversation. The request will include a conversation ID search query and the annotation expansion to determine if the Tweet is sports-related or not, according to Twitter's interpretation of the Tweet.
  4. It calls Hide replies to hide a reply when the user chooses to do so. It will also provide a way to undo this action in case, so that the user is always in control. 
  5. For longer conversations, it will provide controls to paginate through search results.



Optimize for the user (and for usage)

You can design a flow in a way that puts the user in control of any action they intend to make. Keeping this principle in mind also helps you build an integration that can optimize for Tweet consumption.

  1. Because the authenticated user can only manage conversations they started, your flow should terminate early when that's not the case.
    • Make an initial Tweet lookup request. Terminate the flow early if the Tweet URL is not valid or the conversation was not started by the authenticating user.
    • This way, your app doesn't have to make a recent search request if the conversation cannot be moderated by the authenticated user.
  2. Request user and Tweet fields in the same request to avoid making separate requests. This approach can also improve your app's performance.
  3. Avoid making requests when needed. This app caches a reply's hidden status in the user's browser. This is useful for larger conversations, where the user may want to pick up their moderation efforts at a later stage, and it helps your app optimize requests to hide or unhide replies.