Please note: The COVID-19 stream application form is currently closed. We currently do not have plans to reopen the application process. 


The COVID-19 streaming endpoint will return Tweets based on our internal COVID-19 Tweet annotation and a set of defined parameters we believe deliver a comprehensive view of the conversation around this topic.

This endpoint is a real-time stream of public Tweets we believe deliver a comprehensive view of the conversation about COVID-19. Compared to other Twitter streaming endpoints, it does not have data volume or throughput limitations, and it offers full-fidelity.

Compared to our other streaming endpoints, the COVID-19 stream features the following:

  • Is configured with a set of filters we believe deliver a comprehensive view of the conversation about this topic
  • Delivers the full conversation about this topic, rather than just a sample
  • Does not have throughput limitations
  • Does not have a daily or monthly quota of Tweets you can receive – it delivers complete results
  • Delivers results in the legacy enriched native Tweet format – useful to ingest Tweets in a data pipeline already compatible with Historical PowerTrack or Sample or Decahose streams.

This streaming endpoint is a GET connection authenticated using an App Access Token. Once a connection is established, Tweets are delivered through a persistent HTTP streaming connection. 

Support for partitioning

Due to the high volume of data that it provides, the COVID-19 stream endpoint utilized 4 partitions to split the overall volume of data over multiple connections. This is achieved using the required partition parameter. This means that you will need to connect to all 4 partitions, each containing about 25% of the total volume, to consume the full stream.