GET /2/tweets/compliance/jobs/:id

Returns status and download information about the job with the specified ID.

Endpoint URL

Authentication and rate limits

Authentication methods
supported by this endpoint

OAuth 2.0 Bearer token

Rate limit

15 requests per 15-minute window (app auth)

Learn more about rate limits.

Path parameters

stringThe unique identifier for the job you want to retrieve.

Example requests

  • cURL
  • twurl
curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer $BEARER_TOKEN"
twurl -X GET --bearer /2/tweets/compliance/jobs/jU8rFK

Example responses

  • Successful response
  "job_id": "jU8rFK",
  "job_name": "Troglomyces twitteri",
  "download_url": "\nGOOG4-RSA-SHA256&X-Goog-Credential=example%40example-project.iam.gserviceaccount\\n1309Z&X-Goog-Expires=900&X-Goog-SignedHeaders=host&X-Goog-Signature=247a2aa45f16\n9edf4d187d54e7cc46e4731b1e6273242c4f4c39a1d2507a0e58706e25e3a85a7dbb891d62afa849\n6def8e260c1db863d9ace85ff0a184b894b117fe46d1225c82f2aa19efd52cf21d3e2022b3b868dc\nc1aca2741951ed5bf3bb25a34f5e9316a2841e8ff4c530b22ceaa1c5ce09c7cbb5732631510c2058\n0e61723f5594de3aea497f195456a2ff2bdd0d13bad47289d8611b6f9cfeef0c46c91a455b94e90a\n66924f722292d21e24d31dcfb38ce0c0f353ffa5a9756fc2a9f2b40bc2113206a81e324fc4fd6823\na29163fa845c8ae7eca1fcf6e5bb48b3200983c56c5ca81fffb151cca7402beddfc4a76b13344703\n2ea7abedc098d2eb14a7",
  "download_expires_at": "2020-09-04T20:04:41.819+00:00",
  "status": "complete"

Response fields

stringThe unique identifier for this job.
job_namestringThe user defined job name. Only returned if specified when the job was created.
stringThe predefined location where to download the results from the compliance job. This URL is already signed with an authentication key, so you will not need to pass any additional credential or header to authenticate the request.
date (ISO 8601)The date and time until which the download URL will be available (usually 7 days from the request time).
enum (in_progress, failed, complete, expired)Current status of this job.
estimated_completiondate (ISO 8601)Only returned when jobs.status is in_progress. The estimated time of completion for this job.
errorstringOnly returned when jobs.status is failed. Specifies the reason why the job did not complete successfully.

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