The Spaces lookup endpoints help you lookup live or scheduled Spaces, and enable you to build discovery experiences to give your users ways to find Spaces they may be interested in.

The lookup by ID endpoints return data you can use to build experiences to display Spaces information to your users, or return details about one or more Spaces. You can lookup one or more Spaces in the same request.

You can also lookup Spaces by their creator ID. This endpoint is useful to lookup Spaces from users in a list, or to determine if multiple recurring hosts are live now or have an upcoming Space scheduled. Up to 100 users can be looked up in a single request.

Lastly, you can lookup Spaces created by accounts followed by a specific user. Given a single user ID, a dedicated endpoint will traverse the user’s followings and return live or upcoming Spaces created by any of these users. This allows you to apply the functionality of the follows lookup endpoint to get Spaces using the following-follower relationship as a way to infer relevance.

Account setup

To access these endpoints, you will need:

Learn more about getting access to the Twitter API v2 endpoints in our getting started guide.