Data enrichments: Premium v1.1

Poll metadata

Poll metadata is a free enrichment available across all products (Realtime & Historical APIs) in enriched native format payloads. The metadata notes the presence of the poll in a Tweet, includes the list of poll choices, and includes both the poll duration and expiration time. This enrichment makes it easy to acknowledge the presence of a poll and enables proper rendering of a poll Tweet for display.

Important Details:
  • Available across all enterprise APIs (PowerTrack, Replay, Search, Historical PowerTrack)
    • Note: For Replay and Historical PowerTrack, this metadata was first made available on 02/22/17 - see documented enrichment availability.
  • Does not include vote information or poll results
  • Does not currently have filter/operator support
  • Available in enriched native format only
    • Enriched native format is a user-controlled setting that can be changed at any time through the Console: Select a Product (PowerTrack, Replay, Search) > Settings tab > Output Format (Leave data in its original format)

Tweet Payload

Poll Tweets will contain the following metadata in the “entities.polls” object in the payload:

  • An “options” array with up to four options that include the position (1-4) and option text
  • Poll expiration date
  • Poll duration

See the sample payload below for further reference.

Sample Payload

Below is a snippet of the enriched native format payload highlighting the added poll metadata:

                  "text":"The better answer"
                  "text":"The best answer"
            "end_datetime":"Sat Feb 04 15:33:11 +0000 2017",

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