Getting started with the manage Lists endpoint group

This quick overview will help you make your first request to the manage List endpoints using Postman.



For you to be able to complete any of the quick start guides, you will need to have a set of keys and tokens, which you can generate by following these steps:

  1. Apply for a developer account and receive approval.
  2. Create a Project and an associated developer App in the developer portal.
  3. Navigate to your app's “Keys and tokens” page, and save your API Keys, Access Tokens, and Bearer Token to your password manager.


Authenticate your request

To make a successful request to any of the endpoints, you will need to use OAuth 1.0a User Context. To do this, you must add the following keys and tokens to Postman by selecting the environment named “Twitter API v2” and adding the following variables to the initial value and current value fields:

  • consumer_key with your API Key
  • consumer_secret with your API Key Secret
  • access_token with your Access Token
  • token_secret with your Access Token Secret


To load the Twitter API v2 Postman collection into your environment, please click on the following button:

Next steps

Choose any of the following endpoints for a more in-depth guide once, you have completed the prerequisites:

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